Who is Toe by Toe Designed For?

Toe By Toe supports any child – or adult – who has difficulty in decoding (reading unfamiliar words confidently and accurately) or reading fluently (reading without pause or undue hesitation when confronted by an unfamiliar word).

Generally, it is our recommendation that the minimum age for a child starting Toe By Toe  should be: 7+ years of age. Therefore, in the USA, the optimum age to begin Toe By Toe  (if it is delivered in school time) would be the start of the 2nd Grade.

However, for children without any significant reading difficulties Toe By Toe can be used effectively at a younger age, even from the age of 5. For example, if you want to provide support, accelerate progress or simply give a child the best start in learning the English language, Toe By Toe is the ideal tool.

Furthermore, we have seen many cases of children who have started Toe By Toe in Grade 6 who have met their end of year curriculum targets as a consequence.

In fact children, teenagers, adults or senior citizens can all access and benefit from the Toe By Toe programme.

Is Toe By Toe only suitable for people affected with dyslexia?

Whatever the nature of the reading difficulty Toe By Toe will make a difference.  If a child or adult has difficulty decoding words and reading fluently Toe By Toe will address this and help to make significant improvements.