Reece’s Story

Teacher’s Testimony


Australian reading expert currently working in New York, March 2018

“I sing the praises of TBT wherever I go! I have one teacher at a special school in Jamaica, Queens. She is so passionate and came to me desperate to teach her how to teach a young lad in her grade to read. Every time I visit the school she rushes out and hugs me and thanks me for empowering her in such an important way! It’s been the highlight of my career working with her, and TBT is the reason for that. Her little guy is knocking it out of the park! I can’t wait for the end of the year to see him reading independently. I could tell at the start of the year, he was not at all convinced that this little book could help him learn to read at 12 years old…”

John Crane, President – Brandywine Valley Fabricators, Pennsylvania – June 2020

“For years I’ve searched the net for an item that would help with dyslexia with little results. I myself have dealt with the problem for years (not knowing the problem till after college and later in life), and the Toe by Toe manual has been very effective in pointing out my problems. I was a country boy going to a one room school for first grade, and the local grange housed 2nd thru 5th, with mostly the same 12 kids. Not a lot of phonics back then – mostly the Dick and Jane type of reading. I was left behind in reading from second grade on, and have struggled for years. Once this corona-virus thing passes, I plan to work with one of my grandkids. I’ve also ordered a copy for a friend who is dealing with the dyslexia problem. Just wanted to pass on that the book was very helpful”

‘One Happy Momma’ – USA, June 2020

“We LOVE Toe by Toe. I originally purchased the book for my 8 year old son who was diagnosed with dyslexia this year when traditional schooling failed to help him but as we started implementing it for him with just 20 minutes and saw massive progress, I decided to try it for my 7 year old with speech issues and it has been a complete game changer for him as well. Thank you sooo much for creating this book! With just 20 minutes a day it has been a complete game changer for both my boys! They now have a new love for reading and don’t hate to do their work!”

Proud Dad, USA – June 2019

“Dear Keda, My 8-year old son has significant learning challenges – primarily in the realm of processing and working memory. He is in the second grade (now rising to third). I heard about your program from a close friend who lives in the UK and suggested your program. When we first tested my son he was reading at roughly a 7-year old reading level according to your matrix. We started the program this past February (2019) and diligently worked every day for 6.5 weeks for 30 minutes a day and finished the program. Before we started he was hardly able to read and his stamina was very low. About a month and half after he finished the program he picked up his first Harry Potter book and he is now on the sixth book!! He absolutely loves to read and as he puts it: ‘I’m addicted’. I should tell you that your program changed my son’s life. I can’t tell you how gratifying it is to see how far he has come. I have told many of our other friends about your program. My son is super excited for me to write to the creator of the book and tell you how much he has achieved. Thank you from the bottom of my heart…

*(update August 2019):…I have now successfully completed the toe-by-toe program with my non LD 6.5 year-old rising first grader. He also finished the entire workbook in about 6.5 weeks. It has been nothing short of transformative. He is a fully confident reader that can read literally everything that comes into his hands. You have changed my children’s lives – I can’t thank you enough. Yours sincerely, AJ”

Beckye Barnes, Special Ed Advocate in South Carolina

“I found Toe by Toe in January and ordered it to try. We started in January daily and finished in April and he was retested. The SLP has never had a result this drastic in one year and she does Wilson Reading with kids. I want parents (and adults with literacy issues) to know that this can be addressed and changed. I have been telling everyone I know about Toe by Toe and have several friends using it. They are also seeing results after years of failed programs in and out of schools…”

Prof Beth Walsh, Philadelphia USA

“Hands down, without a doubt, Toe by Toe! It is easy to use and the results are astounding! It is easy to use and the results are astounding! In my experience, Toe By Toe helps me bring a struggling reader to an advanced reader within a year and a half”