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Stareway To Spelling FAQsAll your Stareway To Spelling FAQs answered.

Question: How old do students need to be before commencing Stareway To Spelling?
Answer: Stareway To Spelling is suitable for students aged 7 and upwards.

Question: How long does it take to complete Stareway To Spelling?
Answer: It is difficult to be specific. So much depends on the severity of the student’s spelling problems together with the frequency of lessons. Based on four 20-minute lessons per week, most students will complete the manual within six months.

Question: Can Stareway To Spelling be used at the same time as Toe By Toe?
Answer: Both manuals can be used in the same lesson. However, we recommend alternating between a reading lesson one day and a spelling lesson on the next. Alternatively, some people prefer to finish or partially complete Toe by Toe before starting Stareway To Spelling.

Question: Can Stareway To Spelling be used at the same time as Stride Ahead?
Answer: As in the previous answer, both manuals can be used in the same lesson. Again, we recommend alternating between a reading lesson one day and a spelling lesson on the next. Alternatively, some people prefer to finish or partially complete Stride Ahead before starting Stareway To Spelling.

Question: Why do students have to spell words correctly on 5 separate occasions?
Answer: Our aim is to establish high frequency words in the long-term memory. Just because a student spells a word correctly on one occasion is no guarantee that it will be known the next time. However, years of our research have established that if a student is able to spell a word successfully on FIVE consecutive occasions – with a gap of at least 24 hours between testing – this indicates that it has been stored in long-term memory.

Question: Do words need to go through the RAWS process 5 times to obtain 5 ticks?
Answer: No. Words that have been spelt incorrectly (‘negatives’) need only go through RAWS on one occasion, on one condition: That students are able to spell the words correctly on 5 consecutive occasions (see above). In practice, some negatives will go through RAWS only once. Others may need to go through the procedure many times.

Question: How do words gain 5 ticks on the ‘Control Page’?
Answer: After a gap of at least 24 hours since they were last marked, any words on the Control page that don’t have 5 consecutive ticks should be tested and marked with a tick or a dot. Forgotten words go back through RAWS. Do not test words which have a dot in the last column or remain unmarked. They must go through RAWS first.

Question: If after testing Most Used Words (MUW) 1-50, there are less than 8 negatives on the control page? What do I do next?
Answer: Students with less severe problems will make fewer errors among the early MUW. Consequently the steps on Page 17 should be applied to MUW 1-100. If however, there are still less than 8 negatives on the Control Page the students should be tested on MUW 101-150 etc until there are a sufficient number of negatives to take through RAWS. Alternatively, students could take the Diagnostic Test (Page 80) which has been carefully constructed with repetition of those words which commonly cause the most problems. Any negatives could then be written on the spare Control Page (Page 59).

Question: When should I introduce the Paired Words?
Answer: Once tutors feel confident about following the RAWS procedure and marking the Control Page, they can introduce the Paired Words. Before starting, tutors should read the instructions on Pages 60-63. This describes how RAWS is adapted to include these particular pairs of words. Please don’t be tempted to ignore them. Confusion surrounding these words is extremely common. It is often the main area of weakness for those students with less severe problems.

Question: Will Stareway To Spelling improve my child’s handwriting?
Answer: As for handwriting, we do not have any resource that specifically targets the fine motor skills involved in handwriting. However, we often find that children’s writing skills do improve as they gain confidence in their own abilities and – in particular – their spelling skills. It is sometimes (often…?) the case that children write illegibly as a coping strategy. They are fully aware that they are ‘hopeless’ at spelling and do not want other people to see this.  Stareway To Spelling works on the spelling of high frequency words. There are several examples at the start of the book of a child’s writing ‘before’ and ‘after’. As you will see, the improvement is dramatic despite the fact that the child’s handwriting problems have never actually been worked on.

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